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I really don't understand what is happening here; heres the situation.

I have a script that applies a pcre to a string using preg_match. Now I'm no whiz with regular expressions, and this one is pretty bloated because it is supposed to match only specific sentence forms. The issue comes in when I uploaded the script to my server (I was running it on local host). The script returns entirely different behaviour! When I run the same strings in my localhost and on my server I get two completely different results. Namely, I always get the expected matches on my localhost, but it hardly ever matches at all on my server.

Because of this, I tested it on a second server, and it behaved the same as on the first, and still entirely differently than my localhost! Are there any explanations for this? Is there settings or files that need to be changed/installed? On smaller pcre expressions the scripts seem to work identically, but are drastically different on for larger one.

Any help on this is appreciated.
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