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Originally Posted by scottkoz20 View Post
i do have a question for you because I have not looked at posts being worth an entry; how would you determine that information?
I really donít mind what the post is about, as long as it is not too short. Length would be my only criteria. I think Iíd just make a rule that says posts under 5 words will not count as an entry. Iím hoping that encourages people to write better quality posts.

Originally Posted by IggyP View Post
i like the idea....i wonder if it might be easiest to simply draw from post id#s in the date range....then manually checking the "winning post" to determine if it is a good enough one for a prize or not....and redrawing if not
Thatís not a bad idea. I guess I could do that. It would include posts by people who are not in the eligible usergroup, but I could just redraw until it picked a user in the correct usergroup too. Thanks for the idea. Sometimes I overthink things and make it harder than it needs to be haha.
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