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Seems to me that the way to go about getting a multipage review thread on here is to be a bit angry and dismissive of other people's suggestions. Feel free to use any of my comments for that

Anywho, the style's ok but I think I've seen it somewhere before? The logo style rings a bell anyway. Overall though it looks ok, so I'll have to resort to being picky

I don't like the logo much, and on wider resolutions you've got a lot of empty space on the top. Plus 'web development' is two words

Two things about the 'donate' link. 1) I didn't know it actually said 'donate' until I highlighted it. The bright green clashes badly with the background colour. 2) Do you really need people to donate? I stay away from sites that ask me support them financially. I doubt your site is using that many resources that it costs a fortune to run.

Take out one of the login boxes, you have it twice and they're both right next to each other.

Get rid of a few forums, you don't have enough content to support them. If the site takes off, then consider splitting a few up. The VIP forums are pointless at the moment. You don't have enough content on the rest of the site to tell any potential customer that there's anything of value in there, or enough members to tell me that my question would even get answered.

Don't wanna sound too negative, overall it's ok but not great, plus you're competing in a too-crowded-already marketplace
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