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Your methods may seem a bit harsh, but you get the point through and make some valid points.

My main problem though is content. Which I've been lacking, only due to the reason that I've been working on the design and features, trying to perfect them before I get an abundance of members.

I'd rather have everything working than getting about 200 visitors in a day and every single one of them has some sort of error. I mean, I know that maintaining a website is a lot of work, but I'd like to try and make it stress free at the beginning. =) (I know, nearly impossible)

Anyway, I've done a lot of the changes you've mentioned because I did agree with, however, with the "empty space", I know that because I'm using 1440x900 resolution. On the right, there is going to be a 'permanent' advertisement section specifically for higher-end members. It wont open until I get more users and a lot more content.

The style, yes, taken from here as a matter of fact. I'm still in the process of completely changing it, adding a dropdown menu, etc. The logo... I want to change, but you're actually the first to every say you didn't like it. I also know that 'web development' is two words, but I thought it looked nice in the logo.

The donate button was there, not because of my site using a lot of resources, but because I'm not even on my own server. My main server is an off-shore POS with a lot of problems, so I avoid it. I was also using my girlfriends who is hosted on WebHostingBuzz, but now I'm using a HostGator shared account that's being payed for by my previous boss. I'm trying very hard to earn enough money to pay for around 2 years of service on HostGator, but I haven't even been able to find a job in almost a year. That's why I turned to designing websites.

Also, the genre of my site is actually a different marketplace than what you're thinking. It's not just a regular tutorial site, it's a dynamic and interactive tutorial site focused on internet marketing. From what I've seen... I'm the first person to focus web development onto internet marketing.

Just look at or Both of which are Internet Marketing websites, and both of them have users who spend money for others to outsource or recreate, design, etc something for them. Most of them overcharge and a lot of them never finish the job or do very poorly on it.

While I believe in free creativity, I believe my site can reach a high standard very quickly as I'll be attempting to teach those who overspend or waste money to do something themselves.
Instead of spending outrageous amounts of money for a VERY simple design, I'll teach them how to do it themselves so they make more money without losing it in the process.

Hey, saying all of that gave me an idea of what I can put on my front page, lol. So thanks again.
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