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Please, do what Ozzy suggested. It might be a lot of work, but you only need to do it once. Would you rather spend an hour (maybe 2 hours) and stop your forum spam completely, or spend 5mins to cut corners and get hammered with Spam every day?

Running a successful forum might not be that hard, but I can tell you that it is VERY time consuming. And if you do cut corners and not do whats in the thread that Ozzy posted, you will get hammered by spam, and when guests see a forum getting hit with a lot of spam and the Owner isnt doing anything about it, most of the guests wont even register. Not to mention what it does to your Search Engine Rankings.

The point is, if you want a successful forum, you MUST do something about the spam. Its not just a simple install of a single mod, that will not cut it. Read the thread Ozzy posted, and it will fix your Spam problem. If you dont, then your asking to get hammered with spam.
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