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Originally Posted by scottkoz20 View Post
if you are using BOP5's sidebar anywhere, you can configure this by usergroup in the Settings -> Options -> Sidebar Anywhere by BOP5
Awesome! That was going to be my next question...where I can get the "sidebar anywhere" (I'm assuming it's a plug-in). I heard about it...and wanted to get it. Great to hear what I wanted to do can be done there.

Thanks very much Scott!

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Originally Posted by z3r0 View Post
I don't use the sidebar on any of my sites, but I've just had a look at a site that does and it looks like just adding the following to your additional.css template should do the trick.

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Thanks z3r0. I'll give it a try.

Does the "none" in the code mean that the sidebar can't be closed/hidden?

Thanks again.

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Just an quick extra question about the "Sidebar Anywhere by BOP5" plugin (if anyone knows).

If I currently have multiple sidebar blocks setup on my home page (via the vB Blocks Manager)...will installing "Sidebar Anywhere by BOP5" over-ride threse already setup sidebar blocks?

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