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Server Errors


Today one of my sites has had much more traffic than usual and I have had a couple crashes. I believe one was caused by redis caching with dbtech vboptimizer. I do not believe the issue is dbtech but rather redis service. I'm sorry but I do not have the log entry for that one as the outage was for only 2 minutes.

If anyone is familiar with redis let me know please. I installed it but I do not believe it is configured correctly. When ever we get a ton of traffic I have issues.

The other issue is current. I see this in the server log.

GET /clientscript/vbulletin_css/style00039l/forumbits.css,forumhome.css,widgets.css,sidebar.css,options.css,tagcloud.css

It is a 408 error.

I have turned off style theme file caching and tagging for the moment. I have many of these errors.

I know this forum is dead now but I could use some insight.


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