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Ok Guys, thanks..

I know about the database going away and various things can cause it such as resource overload, time out, etc..

In this case though the errors I get are always basically the same:

Invalid SQL:

FROM style
WHERE (styleid = 39 AND userselect = 1)
OR styleid = 39
ORDER BY styleid ASC

I believe there is something causing the issue that is making the database server go away related to this query. In other words, I do not believe it is the database going away that is causing this error. Hope this makes sense. lol

It only happens a couple times a day usually and I have tried to rearrange some cron tasks, back ups to make sure it is not a resource situation. It could be but I am not seeing any indication.

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Originally Posted by snakes1100 View Post
server going away can be caused by a few things including sql's own settings, i doubt that is redis causing the issue, but wont be able to do much from the outside looking in.

did you raise ur timeouts in my.cnf or do a live view of sql & watch the queries?
No, this is not related to the redis issue I was posting about before. I have stopped using dbtech optimizer and am no longer using redis.

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