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Question vbHome (lite); mYvBindex; vbPortal; vBindex


I have been using vBulletin on my site for three months now and am considering to drive the content of my site's home page with a vBulletin-based portal. My host provider, PowWeb, has limited the MySQL per user connections to 3,600 and queries to 36,000 per hour, so I need to be conscious of this in making my choice of hacks, and even in deciding whether to do this or not. That said, Teck's vbMicroStats hack has been helpful in monitoring the server load, and Xenon's Optimizing Forumhome has cut down on queries by caching moderators.

I have spent probably about 10-15 hours :tired: reading and researching the various threads on this site pertaining to the four different "portal" hacks out there. By reading the plethora of posts, I know I am not alone in my confusion regarding the various features, requirements and limitations.
All of these hacks are impressive, and I applaud the work of each of their developers.

I would like this thread to be a place to compare the various feature-sets, query intensity, etc.

Please, please, please - do not make this a place to rant about how difficult something was to install, or bellyache about how many problems something has caused, because of a failure to back up a board, etc. We've all made mistakes, and placing blame when a hack works for a multitude of other people just fuels the confusion. :cry:

I'm looking for positive feedback that highlights each hack's strengths and weaknesses after installation, implementation and regular use.

Thank you!
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