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How can I get my style xml file?

Hey everyone, here's the problem. I had a 'test' forum on my hosting account, but my host upgraded php and now the forum doesn't work.

I backed up the forum files and the database, and brought them to a new host where my other forums (also VB3) work because the host uses an older version of php.

All the forums work on the new host EXCEPT that 'test' forum. I constantly get a 'cant connect to database' error message. All the info is entered in the config file PERFECTLY I've checked a million times. The info is correct, but it will NOT connect to the DB.

I really just need a style out of that test forum, that's why I was trying to get it working again. I made a great style in there and want to use it on another one of my forums, but I have no way to access it now so I can download the style.

Any other way I can get that style without having the forum working?

Thanks for any help!
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