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Originally Posted by reddyink View Post
Can someone please educate me on the differences between this VbMail mod and ForoMail

Thank you!
Support, coding practices and overall product quality. Those are the primary reasons I'd choose this mod. I can't say I've used ForoMail (as I got ripped off there on the last mail mod the author wrote and never got a reply when they moved to this one), but I have used the old mail mod and a couple other of those mods and well, the code is (IMO) really bad.

On the support aspect of things, the author of Foromail has (over the years) pulled her mods from a couple of times, rarely answers support questions on her site, always some reason (whether or not they might be valid is anyone's guess), but regardless of the reasons, support lacks there. (I just checked the foromail thread and the mod was free, but now isn't and this time there's yet another reason as to why, again, regardless of the validity of reasons, it's always SOMETHING)

Product Quality, DBT takes users suggestions into consideration and more often than not, they get implemented. They are fast to fix issues and honestly, are easily the best vB mod company I have purchased from (which is why I own many of their products).

These are just my personal opinions and observations from using the DBT products for over a year now I think and also from my personal interactions with their staff. Take 'em how you will. =)
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