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Originally Posted by viper357 View Post
Ok, thanks. one last thing please, where can I download v 2.2.7 again?

Thanks Andrew.
I have looked some more at the code for ldm 2.2.7 and 2.2.8, and think I know the cause of your problem. It is not specifically related to ldm 2.2.8 - rather, I think it is likely to be an interaction between ldm and another hack that you installed at the same time as upgrading to 2.2.8. This problem was fixed in version 2.2.9, but unfortunately that will not work with vb3.6.

I have no idea which version of ldm 2.2.7 you were using, but I doubt that you will correct the problem by downgrading.

If necessary, I can suggest a fix, but it will require making an edit to one of the code files.
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