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PHP/mySQL vB Coding/Pro Freelance Job Available

PHP/mySQL vB Coding/Pro Freelance Job Available:

==============JOB DESCRIPTION==================
To convert the complete layout of vBulletin to that of a horizontal layout in it's entirety.

Functions will include both forumhome and forumdisplay functions as well as any internal vertical vB function that affects forums to be displayed as such.

Forums that currently are aligned as:

will then need to be allowed to be aligned as the above with the option of being aligned as:

1 2 3
4 5 6

or any combination thereof to be controlled via the admin cp.
Some form of a basic generic template, (any templates affected by changes), will then need a a standard generic template that allows a starting point for implementation of this code.

===========REQUIREMENTS AND TERMS=============
Candidate must have an extensive knowledge of the vB/mySQL/php system and functions.

This is time critical and needs to be completed by September 30th at the latest.

Job pay negotiable. Estimate must be given before job start. Agreements must be made before job start. References as to your knowledge of the vB/php/mySQL systems a must. Examples as to your accomplishments a must. If you consider yourself a quality code writer / developer, you are welcome to apply.

Code will be used and employed in a commercial environment and must be of quality that would allow for such just as vB itself.

Code must be written to work with the current vBulletin version at release and finalization of code.

Code will be copyrighted to this screen name and will be released to the public ( at a later date, after testing, and at the sole discretion of this screen name (Hooper) as offering the job.

Testing by members will be available at that time for those interested in the code.

Payment will be made via PayPal / or Visa upon job completion and satisfaction of job performance.

For more information about the job description:
Please send a PM to my vB.Org PM box.
All serious code/dev estimates and applications welcome.
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