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The above offer expires on Tuesday, September 20th at 7:00pm CST. Selection of candidate for helping with the project can be made up until this time. Once an agreement has been made for the work to be performed, an announcement will be posted as such within a post below.

There are no current code hacks or changes that give the above mentioned functionality at the time of writing this.

Please submit as requested:
1) Your hacks or code experience as described above
2) Desired wage, either hourly or for the job in complete
3) Job time line estimate (how long it may take to accomplish the task)

Being you cannot be paid for both "by the job, and hourly", please submit your request as to "how" you would like to be paid. If paid hourly, submit hourly wage and estimate of number of hours for completion of project. If you desire to be paid for the job as a project, please state your desired wage for the project.

Although this is a needed and desired code alteration, although a paid project, please take under consideration that this will be released to all vB users as a hack addon at a later time and after testing just as all hacks are released. Free of charge to all registered vB users.

================Please do not===================

1) Ask what I will be willing to pay.

The determination for who receives the job will be made on who submits a proposal for the job description and the qualifications, past hacks, code experience etc.. and as described within the job description and requirements.

This job will be by application and based on the above requirements to those interested.


If the job description is faint or not understandable in any way, please post your questions and I will answer them, or send a PM and I will respond. Either will be responded to within 24 hours.
If the September 30th deadline is not acceptable, please give an idea as to the timeline for completion as requested.

Thank you fellow vB fans,

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