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Re: Re: PHP/mySQL vB Coding/Pro Freelance Job Available

Hi Logician,

Originally posted by Logician

Have you checked full releases section? I recall Xenon released a hack like this. Well he'll point you the way if he did anyway..

Interesting request.. :speechless:

Good luck..
A: Yes, as mentioned, there are no hacks that currently do what I am in need of.

B: This started off as a private request idea for the job, in other words, my intentions didn't start off by looking for writers here at the org with public advertisement. Of course the code would be copyrighted to the person paying for custom code just as my site designed by PixelBrick is copyrighted in our name by contract. Then I decided that after thorough testing, that I would release it for everyone else once satisfied with the outcome. That's the plan anyhow. If there is anything wrong with it, just let me know what it is! Great ideas always undergo alterations.

Thank you for the PM Neo... I responded.

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