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Originally Posted by macc View Post
If i want go to store and buy windows xp - nobody can press me that i must buy windows 7 or windows vista...
This is too funny.. XP is in very limited production now and some SKUs are not even available. Try to go buy a supported Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows98, Windows2000, or WindowsME install CD.

At least with vBulletin, you can buy the 4.x license and still get support on your 3.8.x install. Try buying Windows 7 and asking for XP support.

Yeah, the changeover from 3.x to 4.x could have gone smoother, and yeah, there are some issues, but right now with your rants, unfortunately you are the one that looks like the fool.

As far as vB goes, I just upgraded to the Suite, disabled the CMS by using a third-party plug in. The blogs are there, but then I decided to disabled them to (which was very easy to do with a couple clicks in the AdminCP.)