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Originally Posted by funkmeister View Post
Ummm, I don't have that one as an option - the 6th one down on my list is "Empty Signature Cache" - I'm on 3.6.2 - is this a new option only in 3.6.3 or is it reliant on someother setting in order for it to be made available as an option?
No, I had the option in 3.6.2. Odd. *shrugs*

Originally Posted by funkmeister View Post
Also, can you add a feature to take into a count those "showthread" posts that include the syntax "showthread.php?p=22946#post22946" - these "normally" open in a new window and include a "Close Window" button on the bottom of the displayed page. Of course, when a user clicks it and with this add-on installed, it will prompt them to close it and in turn close down the whole browser, since it actually now opens in the same page. So can you make it so that these type of URL's continue to open in a new window.

showpost.php you mean? And good point. Thanks.

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