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Originally Posted by g0dfather1984 View Post
Excellent style. Could I ask for a favor? Would you be willing to make a logo that says Sports Today instead of Heavy Metal? I would pay for your services.

Thank you for your time.
Sorry, I just don't have the time right now...

Originally Posted by ButtKrust View Post
I have a site about to go live, i have used some of the gradients from this package, rather than the entire thing. I like them very much. I have put "Skins Designed by Military Ltd" with Military Ltd linked to your site at the bottom with the other copyright info. I just wanted to make sure this was ok, and that i wasn't missing any other copyright info from the template or anything. Let me know if i need to add any others lines of text. I will more than likely end up donating soon as well.
You decide. Thank you for asking I'll leave it up to you! Thank you.

Originally Posted by fahl View Post
thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!
you are greeatttttttt!!
i owe u this one!!
Thank you, please click Install.
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