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Originally Posted by x626xblack View Post
I was about to install then saw that there were a ton of issues hanging out there unanswered. MrZeropage the coder who is the support for this has not posted anything since 2009. It seems he has abandoned this project. He has been online this month but not addressed any issues.

This is off my todo list.
MrZeroPage's last post was Jan 31st. This mod has been upgraded consistently since 2005, and was just updated in December, so let's not overstate the matter. Most of the issues mentioned in this thread have fixes posted in and around the ibProArcade subforum. It's just people pay no attention to the big green letters in the first post that says not to ask for support in this thread.

Originally Posted by x626xblack View Post
Some of us are not that gifted and rely on the coder to make corrections...
The coder can only answer the same question so many times before he expects you to search it out for yourself. How exactly do you expect the coder to edit YOUR index file? Think about it.
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