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Originally Posted by Edgespeeder06 View Post
okay so what did I do wrong? ugh
Nothing... that's the admin interface. Login. It will show you the url to your sitemap in the top right.

set your password in vboptions -> vbseo sitemap options

Originally Posted by Edgespeeder06 View Post
Are these files suppose to be all in the root forum folder or actually in an "upload" folder branched off it?

Upload ALL the files and folders within the 'upload' folder to your forum root folder.
just like vb comes with an upload folder, docs folder, etc, you don't actually upload the upload folder, bur the CONTENTS OF the upload folder to your site.
Open it up, you will see some folders that match your vb install. Those should merge. (includes -> includes, etc).
CHMOD 777 the 'forum-root/vbseo_sitemap/data/' folder
This is where the files are stored at run and this area needs to be writable, 777, so it can write to this area.

Originally Posted by viper357 View Post
Why does this take so long to complete a sitemap? I have uninstalled and re-installed but it makes no difference, look at the amount of time it takes to generate a sitemap.

Does this hack have a problem with litespeed servers?
you have too much stuff, not enough processing power, or a combination there of.

trim some sections off (members, archive, showpost, other useless pages)
increase wait_timeout, memory_limit

run it manually after tweaking settings to make sure it is able to complete. A db error will likely show in source.

This works on any webserver. Only different is the 'htaccess' rules on some software, but not lightspeed.
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