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Originally Posted by flbutterflyz View Post
I like this mod and installed it. But there are a few snags.

One one style, the postbit leg shows up fine. In the other styles (the rest are based off of VB) the alignment's completely off. In options I chose to have it automatically inserted. Is there a way to fix this?

I'm also having the bbcode problem. They're all showing up as *mention*.
That's due to the HTML/CSS bug in Abe's Post Thanks hack. We can't do anything about that unfortunately

Originally Posted by halkum View Post
When I reply to a thread and use a @mention, it does a double post. I am using version 4.1.4, but can confirm it did it on 4.1.3 as well.
I've not been able to replicate that on any testing environment, nor has anyone on our site reported it before.

Could you try leaving only this mod enabled while disabling all others?

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