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Originally Posted by Manoel Júnior View Post
Parabéns André!!!

É muito bom vermos desenvolvedores brasileiros. Estou até precisando de algumas modificações a nível particular, se estiver interesse, por favor, entre em contato.

Valeu! Mandei uma MP.

Originally Posted by Sayid View Post
Very nice mod and many users will like it. It should be built in
anyway, I have some questions:
do thumbnails appear in search results without problems?
because it is a common problem in two of thumbnail mods released before.
moreover, can you add an option to take the first image in the topic as a default thumbnail ? and if possible, apply the same method with the old topics?
Many thanks
Sorry, thumbnails won't appear in search result (haven't thought of that before). The option to take the first image in the topic will not be implemented, since its a feature in the other Thread Thumbnail modification here in vborg. As stated before, this mod was meant to be VERY simplistic, just going straight to the point. Just do a search for "thumbnails" in thread titles and you'll find the other modification i'm talking about.
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