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Originally Posted by hornstar1337 View Post
I had bought the last Inferno Pro, does that mean I get this one? coz I felt ripped off when the last one disappeared.

At least it is nice to see a decent shoutbox back for now.
Unfortunately no, this isn't the same company (Scot/Zero Tolerance isn't involved with this company.

It would be unfair to Fillip for him to have to pay for ZT's actions.

If you are a former Inferno Tech customer though, and you can supply me with proof of purchase on DBTech, i will give you a 25% discount (I just won't take my cut from those sales)

I hope that at least goes some way to mitigating what happened with I-Tech. Even though i was left in the lurch as much as (or more than) the customers, I would still like to try to make amends.

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