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Originally Posted by Digital Jedi View Post
You would use conditionals that only display the formatting in the forums you wish. Check the articles sections for the vB3 conditionals list. I forget the exact syntax off the top of my head, but you would just wrap the specific parts you want displaying differently in the conditional statement.

On an unrelated note, it's 12:28 AM, and I'm drinking coffee. Yes. Yes it does.
Thanks for responding.
However, I know what you're meaning.. but I'm trying to go more in depth & complicated.
If I'm a guest viewing at your post right now, and you're a moderator of this forum this is posted on, your usertitle would show with the color and what not. However, if I'm a guest viewing another post you made on in, for example, the Articles forums (which you don't moderate), then your usertitle would show without any customization..
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