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Maybe you blame @setishock for his review, but as you can see, 5 users already liked his post, while nobody liked your reply for almost 10 days now.

What it means? That most users agree with him. Me too. Not that I don't like your site. I already gave you a positive feedback (NickTheGreek), but I do agree with @setishock in 2 important points:
  1. It's cluttered and too busy on the home page. The colors selected for your forum are too loud. It's hard on the eyes. .....I'll add "VERY hard on the eyes". I'm 60yo and really I can't read it. Not all your members are teens. Don't forget it. With so many colors, I'm loosing focus. If your don't want to remove some things from there at least increase the vertical and horizontal space beetween blocks. In person, maybe you'll not like what I'll say, I like more the 2012 edition.
  2. You have manipulated this thread to stay at the top of the review forum. It's turned in to one shameless plug for your website....... That's 100% true. I've seen you many times to post "nothing" (I mean text without real meaning) just to bring your thread again at the top. Don't think that users here are having so low intelligent and they don't understand. Just they keep their mouth closed.
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