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I also agree that the layout needs an overhaul for today's standards. This may have been the look 5 years ago but today people want a simple layout so they can get to the content they want as fast as possible.

What you do is up to you but you have a few options.

Looking at your site from mobile actually looks better but the endless scroll is annoying. I know it's not endless, it's just the page is long. I would find a way to highlight your most active threads or sections, maybe automatically update them once a day and only show that on your home page. Maybe 3 sections like that but I wouldn't go 30 like you have now.

Back to the desktop, try to mimic what you have on your mobile skin and please kill that top menu that covers have the screen if you just slightly mouse over it, or make it a click action at the very least. I have an ad blocker so I have no idea if you have those all over the place as well, but from what I see on your home page, it is indeed very busy and hard on the eyes.

Good luck, I've seen your forum for years and I may have registered once but I don't

Love and support one another #vote2020
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