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Originally Posted by paradoxG(r)eek View Post

Maybe you blame @setishock for his review, but as you can see, 5 users already liked his post, while nobody liked your reply for almost 10 days now.
Why I need to blame for @setishock for his review, which I didn't like on his review is, he was not a polite person when used bad words on his reply, and like wanting to attacking another member on this forum.

Originally Posted by paradoxG(r)eek View Post

What it means? That most users agree with him. Me too. Not that I don't like your site. I already gave you a positive feedback (NickTheGreek).
Each person has different views, and I am not sure that most users agree with him (as you said above) , I received more good reviews about my forum theme but I even like reading suggestions to make it better than reading good feedback about it. That will help me to improve it better.

Originally Posted by paradoxG(r)eek View Post
You have manipulated this thread to stay at the top of the review forum. It's turned in to one shameless plug for your website....... That's 100% true. I've seen you many times to post "nothing" (I mean text without real meaning) just to bring your thread again at the top. Don't think that users here are having so low intelligent and they don't understand. Just they keep their mouth closed.
Honestly I didn't want to reply to this thread months ago till now because you or someone can say this:

You have manipulated this thread to stay at the top of the review forum.
But because I have new questions in new replies below so I have to answer. My this thread has got too many replies and views so it is not necessary to bump this thread to top to get more views.

Originally Posted by vimarc View Post
which style you are using
I created that style for my forum and it is using vBulletin 4 platform.

I also created a same style on and it is using Xenforo 2, I am checking both vBulletin 4 and Xenforo 2 to see which is better for forums. Anyway, WebmasterSun is getting good results when running vB4 and I think I still use this platform in the future.

Originally Posted by Brandon Sheley View Post
I also agree that the layout needs an overhaul for today's standards.
This may have been the look 5 years ago
I can not agree with you that its look for 5 years ago. Even I am thinking it is trending now and I am still getting good results when using that forum style.

Honestly I created the theme based on ideas from popular websites or website templates thus it still is being used at this time and in next years.

Originally Posted by Brandon Sheley View Post
but today people want a simple layout so they can get to the content they want as fast as possible.
You are right, it is not a simple forum theme, but if a person is familiar to it, they will be very easy to find content or latest threads of forums on the forum.

Maybe you will like this smartphone forum, it is pretty simple layout and everything can find on the homepage because it is similar to social network layout too. I built it 2 months ago and the forum is still growing with members and posts daily, that's a good theme to build new forums that suitable for any niches.

Originally Posted by Brandon Sheley View Post
What you do is up to you but you have a few options.

Looking at your site from mobile actually looks better but the endless scroll is annoying. I know it's not endless, it's just the page is long. I would find a way to highlight your most active threads or sections, maybe automatically update them once a day and only show that on your home page. Maybe 3 sections like that but I wouldn't go 30 like you have now.
Yes it is pretty long when viewing on mobile devices but it is very clear and easy to find topics or forums when viewing forums on mobile. Anyway, it can be done like you suggested, only show 3 sections and remove other sections on mobile then its homepage will become shorter.

Originally Posted by Brandon Sheley View Post
Back to the desktop, try to mimic what you have on your mobile skin and please kill that top menu that covers have the screen if you just slightly mouse over it, or make it a click action at the very least. I have an ad blocker so I have no idea if you have those all over the place as well, but from what I see on your home page, it is indeed very busy and hard on the eyes.
You are right on this, I used a mega menu and added forums and descriptions on it, and it is a bit annoy when hovering mouse on it by a mistake. To improve this, I can need to remove forum descriptions and can be done soon.

Originally Posted by Brandon Sheley View Post
Good luck, I've seen your forum for years and I may have registered once but I don't
Yes I saw your name on my forum but not sure it was you If you have free time, don't forget to check out our forum and helping members there since I see your signature then you are related to marketing which our forum members are caring about it.

Thank you for your reviews!
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