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Nobody uses anything for client invoicing and finances? Really? I really need something new because the tool I use now is very restrictive. It will not allow me to delete and remove invoices, etc.

I have been going through everything and anything I can find but so far I have just not found anything I like that is a reasonable price. I need something that will allow me to accept paypal payments and will record them as well. Zoho does this but the rest of it is just making me crazy. I also need something that does reoccurring billing, etc..

Is there anything Opensource that is any good? I found one but it does not have online payments..


To who ever it was--You could have told me my signature had too many links instead of telling on me like a little jealous kid. I had the same signature for many years and I was not aware that the rules were changed. I was not trying to "get over" on anyone. My signature was rudely deleted without even a warning asking me to change it.. Thought we were all sort of on the same side here..anyhow, if anyone can help me with this invoicing and financing I would really appreciate it..

Thanks to anyone that decides to reply.

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