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Originally Posted by Ba'al View Post
I also have received no pm's so i ran the scheduler and still no pm's so i checked the log and got this
That would mean the task didn't run. can you confirm the php file was uploaded to the correct location? If you want to post your forum URL I can check.

Was there any error shown when you manually ran the task?

Originally Posted by DemOnstar View Post
Done as you say, still nothing....
And the log looks like this....

Hope that this proves useful...
That is interesting, it did insert it into the database but it didn't even attempt to make a PM or post.

Was there any delay between the time you installed the mod and the time you setup the PM and / or posting options?

Are you sure in settings you have Send PMs? set to YES, and valid userids (numbers, not names) for both the PM reciever(s) and PM sender?

At this point the news items were stored in the database so you wouldn't get the old news resent unless you delete it from the database.

If you want use a tool like phpmyadmin and TRUNCATE the table bop_adminnews in the database. That will basically reset the mod and it will re-send the news items again.
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