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Originally Posted by Johnny G View Post
Haha! Touché!

1. If you can have each product send a mail to a different address, e.g. if we drop ship tyres and clothing, we'll have different suppliers for the tyres than we could for shirts.
So if we could have a supplier email that sent the following, and had it configurable per product.
Items bought:

That way, the shop would automate a lot of the forum selling activities. I think a lot of forums use drop shipping.

2. Forum cost is the cost to us to buy the part. Example:
A shirt might cost us £4.50 to buy, but we sell it at £6.00 if the mail that's sent outputs both, it makes the accounting easier.

3. We have a wide range of product sizes - as mentioned, so shipping costs vary a lot for us.

4. I think PayPal charge 3 or 4%

I'll see what I can add in the next major release but I'm not promising anything. I don't expect to have more than 15 installations, not because the mod is not good, but because the vBulletin market is so small in nowadays. Even for other very good addons and not so specific in use like this, have no more than 20-25 installations. That said, I'll focus only to add features mainly for my own use, and secondary common for all uses.

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