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Originally Posted by Hornstar View Post
1. Can a member only enter in a raffle once?
As simonhind said, this is settable on a per raffle basis.

Originally Posted by Hornstar View Post
2. If the above is yes, can you consider adding a token system(points) where you get a token for posting, token(s) for a new thread, etc and then you can set how many tokens it costs to enter a raffle. When you enter you get a ticket. A member can enter more than once. It would say: Buy [ ] tickets. Where you enter the number of tickets you want to purchase with your tokens. This way it entices people to be more active and earn more tokens to hopefully better their chance at winning.

3. If you consider number 2, have the option to input what points system you will use for the tokens. Eg inbuilt system (usually basic) or another system like vbcredits, vbux etc.
Currently there isn't a point or token system that works with vB 5. When one becomes available, I'll most likely add the option to use it.

Originally Posted by Hornstar View Post
4. When the raffle is drawn are the users automatically notified? If yes can you consider adding an option to manually approve them. That way we can review and approve them first. If we don't approve them, then the system will do a redraw.
The winner is automatically notified by PM when the raffle is drawn.

I won't add an approval system because that can and does 'fix' the result of the raffle when used and is dishonest.
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