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Originally Posted by nhawk View Post
When on the enterraffle page, "View details and register" shouldn't be showing. It's not even in the template for that page.

If you could post a screenshot of what you're seeing it would be helpful.

EDIT: If you mean after you click 'enter me', you should be seeing what is shown in the attached screenshot.
(Sorry for my bad english)

I just have tried to reinstall your mod on a new vb5 install, and everything is fine.

I tried to reproduce my previous problem but i can't, so i don't know what went wrong.
I had created a new page, with just the "Raffles - Active - Large" module, and when i was clicking on "View details and register" i was redirecting to "enterraffle?id=1" as expected. But this page was displaying exactly the same than my new page = the "Raffles - Active - Large module" and that was all.

But everything is fine now (i don't know why) so thank you again.
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