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Originally Posted by delicjous View Post
Nice idea. In my tests I ends up on mydomain/undefined ... You should use the inbuild jQuery instead of load a new one... just put the script-part to the hook footer_before_body_end ... you could use the api to create a new post instead of loading the new thread page.
I'm not clear at all why it wouldn't work for you on a fresh template page in the site builder.
Did you change the channel Ids in the file? Perhaps 23 doesn't exist on your board.

The functionality I wanted was to go to the thread after submission.
In my case it is always a new thread.
I will try the jquery change you mentioned. It isn't the greatest script but there was no other examples or help I could find to build one.

It could be tweaked or changed in many ways. The main point of it is that is strings the many fields into the one text field and formats it for submission. I tried to do this with a second PHP page in the sitebuilder but I didn't get that to work, but there is many options.

There is nothing that specifically connects this script to Vbulletin functionality.
Which makes it not subject to most changes in VB.
My current issue is that the forms i use now will not move from VB4 to VB5.
I shouldn't have that issue next time.
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