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Originally Posted by rustyshack View Post
What browser are you using, what platform are you using?
Are there any errors in the JS console or otherwise.
Did it create a new thread or not?
Did you change the channel id in two places.
Is there anything in your page that is custom that would affect it?
If there is no jquery errors or conflicts, what error is there?
Like I said the url will become mydomain/undefined and it not creating a thread. You are right I will not using it, but I also tried/try to help you. There is no comment I mention your mod is crap!

My vB-Version is 5.6.1 Alpha 4

It is not give me any error (not in the console or php-errors).
Most users here are to lazy to install a mod to try if it works in new versions, so I want to tell you to go a secure way and do not support a mod which works for you but perhaps not for others.
I looked a little deeper because I will not named a jerk which is not helping!

The form-action attribute you set is "create-content/text" and the ajaxForm url is "this.href" which override the form-action attribute "create-content/text". This is not correct in both cases, because you need to set the ajax-baseurl!!!

Change your js-script url to url: vBulletin.getAjaxBaseurl() + '/create-content/text',

Object { retUrl: "", nodeId: 782 }

Thats it... content is created and you will be redirected to it.

You have to much places code have to be changed and it is a little unstructured but I did not say crap!

Wonder that it is working for you, but could be the js-changes in version 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 ...

Glad I could help!
__________________ closed!

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