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Originally Posted by Snort_2005
I would so like to use this set of my site, but there are only a few things missing..

1, there isn't an infractions icon for the little icon in posts that point to post infraction about X topic..

2, This set looks like it's made to work against a light background color. I would love to see it setup so it works against a dark background color, (Namely Black), but I can probably do that myself.

3, What about a skype icon? I see you have MSN, AIM, YIM, and ICQ... What about Skype?
1. I haven't ever designed the "Infractions" Image whenever I designed a vB button set. I suppose there's no reason not to though I'll probably design and update the sets I release once I install 3.6 on my main site.

2. Correct. They are saved out for a white background though you can request for a modification for a background colour change (which was stated in the first post in this thread). if you provide a link to your board I can see what colours the buttons need saving out to and post the attachment.

Note!! bare in mind it's only background colour changes I'll do on this button set.

3. I've been putting this off, dunno why the Icon could be designed in less than 5 minutes so sometime today I'll update the attachment with the skype marker.
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