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Thank you again. I can't believe I played with it for as long as I did and the entire time it was capitalization causing me problems. At least i had the code right at some point, lol.

That code works as expected but I am not certain I can actually use it now. lol It called my template as expected but when I added my conditionals based on forumid I didn't get any output. The conditional works fine within the forumdisplay template itself so I am guessing I need to either alter the condition since it is called from another template or I need to append the plugin to another hook.

This is the conditional:

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That works great in the forumdisplay tem[plate but ceases to work when it is called via the custom template. since I have blocks of ads being called based on foum ids I wanted to call them outside the forumdisplay template because of how large the template will be. If it isn't one thing, its another! lol

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