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Originally Posted by mrhobby View Post

PLEASE NOTE: The creator of that screen shot, never posted it on blastme's site. It was posted in a thread on my site. One of blastme's members got hold of it and sent it to him in a Private Message. He chose to make an issue of it at his site.

In other words, there is no one to ask to move on. No one to ban. No one went to his site to attack him. The person who created the graphic, is NOT a member of his site.

Does this clear it up or does "hearsay" (because it's from another site) still carry all the weight here?
You doth protest too loudly methinks.

You keep trying to pettifog the issue, trying to baffle with BS since you can't dazzle with brilliance. The posting history of the fabricated, mediocre photographic fakery isn't at issue and no one gives a flying red rat's ass about it.