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Originally Posted by mrhobby View Post
Max, you're absolutely right. And I can see how it fails here as it's been presented.
So, stripping it down to the real issue because I know there has been a misunderstanding:

Quoted content not shown see above for blue text.

PLEASE NOTE: The creator of that screen shot, never posted it on blastme's site. It was posted in a thread on my site. One of blastme's members got hold of it and sent it to him in a Private Message. He chose to make an issue of it at his site.

In other words, there is no one to ask to move on. No one to ban. No one went to his site to attack him. The person who created the graphic, is NOT a member of his site.

Does this clear it up or does "hearsay" (because it's from another site) still carry all the weight here?
^ Hogwash. The thread was closed due to mrhobby being someone who does not get along with blastme and I'm not goign to have that drama and trying to quote, take out of context, and to try and bend the truth around like I've seen done before on those sites will not be allowed here. Furthermore I've been shown some posts on one of these sites and you took what I said completely out of context and its not appreciated. The next time mrhobby sees a post by blastme or vice-versa I suggest you two don't reply to each other becasue I can clearly see that this "dramas" was posted on your sites well before it came here and to try and use as an official means to discredit someone based on bad logic will not be tolerated.

Ok this thread has run it's course but before I close it I will say this:

The mod in question requires you to be listed as a Super-Administrator of your forum in the config file in order to access it in the admincp or even see the links yourself to login as said user so that might have been oversight at the time when you thought it was not installed because you could not see the links (@Owner of site who was not sure if this was installed or not).

Now one more thing, SatChat, NewCardNews, the lot of those sites I have worked on in the past heck that logo on the NewCardNews screenshot posted, I made it. Do not pm me asking for the owners personal info to any of those sites it will not be provided to sum it up, don't come on here bringing that "drama" I'm all too familiar with between all of your sites here to If you've ran off at the mouth too much and now a member you've told off is trying to scare you with fake screenshots or other well then that's between the two of you and if you have time to bicker then you have time to properly research this stuff and learn for yourself instead of posting then "telling" your sides of the drama story - none of us care to be quite frank and this entire thread could have been handled properly instead of turning into a he said she said type of ordeal.

I like the owners of all the sites, I personally do not see why you all can't get along but needless to say like I said above don't bring the drama here to it's not appreciated one bit and in fact is a disruption to the board which by the way is against the rules.
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