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Originally Posted by Snowhog View Post
Yeah, looked at that. Won't do what I am looking for. If set (value greater than zero) it only prevents another post by the member if made with in x minutes. I want to be able to prevent follow-on posts by the OP regardless of when they attempt to make it; to force them to edit that post instead.

I see all to many threads that contain posts made only by the OP. I just want to prevent consecutive replies by an OP. It's perfectly fine if they are replying to another members post in response to their post, but I don't like them "replying" to their own posts. In my mind, that's just post count padding at worst, and lazy posting etiquette at best.
It would certainly be possible with some custom coding, although I don't think Tapatalk users would be affected since that app bypasses a great number of PHP plugin hooks.
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