Thread: Moderators Functions - Reason for Closed Thread!
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Originally Posted by GSeybold View Post
Can we just add a post to the end of the closed thread giving the explanation? That is what I do.
We have lazy mods Remind them as we might, many just close and move along without indicating who or why with a reply :\ This hack helps address that, but I would also add the request to include "closed by"

Originally Posted by GsxrTony View Post
Not showing up for me either. went over all my edits, everything is perfect. by the way I'm on 3.7.4 PL1

box pops up and thread closes fine, but it's not showing the reason in the thread. I too would like the Closed by Addition. it would save me a lot of PM's
I'm on the same setup of 3.7.4 PL1, installed fine and once I'd updated all the lines in the SHOWTHREAD template for my current styles (as indicated with the installation instructions) it's showing the reason fine. Did you also add that line after "t<!-- / toolbar -->" to show the "$reason" ?

Props and respect for ry215 for this. Installed and works as advertised. Thank you.

- TLB v3.7.4
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