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After some feedback today we're release version 1.0.1 of Draft Posts! This update adds the ability to start a thread using a saved draft and also fixes some style issues with post draft buttons on the showthread pages and is available for download in the opening post.

At the bottom of each forum page there is now the option to use a draft as the starting post in a thread. Like with the showthread option, simply select the draft from the menu and the new thread page loads with the draft in the editor ready to modify or post.

The fixes to the styling also means the buttons now reflect the design of the regular new reply or new post buttons. As part of the fix there are also two stylevars that are used to help adjust the positioning of the buttons properly. If you find the theme you use doesn't space the buttons properly, then simply adjust the stylevars to fine tune the positioning.

The full change log is here:

Fix: Formatting on Showthread page for Draft Posts button/menu.
Fix: Corrected phrase 'dbtech_draftposts_post_with_draft'.
Fix: Posts saved as drafts without a title now use a phrase for the draft title.
Fix: Missing admin permissions.
Feature: Ability to create a draft from the forumdisplay using the 'Post with Draft' button/menu.
Feature: Ability to save a draft from the newthread page using a checkbox option.
Feature: 2 StyleVars that contain numeric values to adjust the spacing of the reply and new thread buttons as is needed.
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