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I don't think that it's the same problem but worth me mentioning it here.

When I tested this yesterday on I noticed on some pages that the adsense ad won't appear when there's already a Google ad on the page and they don't have sufficient information about the page that the ad's on. The issue is covered in the Google Adsense FAQ here

The multiple ad units system detects the number of ad units that are on your page, and automatically serves unique ads to each ad unit. The system is optimised for pages that have highly targeted ads available - as a result, you may sometimes see that only the first ad unit contains ads. As our ad inventory changes, or if your page content changes, you may start seeing more ads on your page.

When only one ad unit is displaying ads, any additional ad units will display as transparent boxes, or will display the alternate ad or colour that is defined in their ad code. Please note that each instance of ad code must have the alternate URL or colour specified in order to display alternate content.
I'd recommend that you put alternate ads or ad/collapsing in place in case no ad or PSAs get served.

On a totally different note the CTR has significantly increased since we moved from the old system of fixed position after the third ad to using this hack on.
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