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I installed this today and like it alot. I was already using ipbroarcade before my upgrade to vb3.5. So all my games and scores converted over nicely.

AdminCP for the Arcade is much cleaner. Like that alot. Well done.

Only thing, maybe its something I goofed, if I turn on the various switches to know the status of where people are in the arcade or what they are doing, it brings the arcade to a crawl.

Maybe there is some sql editing that needs to be done or something to speed things up? I don't know. Just tossing ideas out, but it literally brought it to a crawl. To submit your score took a good 45 seconds. Rest of my site was moving along normal. So not my site or server.

Once I turned the switches off though for user status's, arcade sped back up again like it should be.

A mod that people can put in the header of their sites that says "Who's In The Arcade" or "Who's Gaming" would be awesome. Similar to the Who's Online I have going on at my site right now.

Thanks for the new release of this arcade. Well done.
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