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I am in the process of writing a user signup integration script. My forum runs on a separate server from my main site. I am going to need to write hooks in quite a few places. I've compiled a list of the spots where I will need to have remote vB hooks.

Initial user signup:
Add the user, put them in the email confirmation group. (my site sends a confirmation email).

When the user clicks the link in the confirmation email.

Password and email changes:
When the user wants to change their email or password.

This will all need to be done from a remote server so I too will most likely be using cURL. Obviously I want to keep these changes in sync. It isn't fully clear to me if it would be easier to write a plugin with change password/email hooks that will update my system or if I should just deny these changes from the vBulletin side and change the permission denied template to point to the proper place on my site.

Once I've hammered through the few remaining issues, I will post my results and code here.

Originally Posted by scott8539
Geez, that was a long time ago and I have taken a completely different approach to it.

I do have my own way of creating a vB account from an external site. In fact, I just went live with it today.

If you click the register link, you will be redirected to a register script on a different site ( -- different subdomain). There you enter your user information and submit. A new user is created in my Membership System, then the user is created in vBulletin.

The register, login/logoff, activation, recover lost password, edit email & password, etc, are are handled in my separate Membership System, pushing the results to vBulletin.
Woops, just read your post and you seem to be describing everything I just mentioned. Care to give the rest of an idea of how long it took?

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