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Lightbulb Mod Features


1. Uses AJAX technology.
2. Uses one query per show thread page
3. Places an easy to use "Nominate Post" button next to the edit button
4. Fully phrased to allow (language translation) (addition v 1.3)
5. Displays a varying nomination stamps on posts that have been nominated for the contest. The color of the nomination stamps varies depending on how many users have nominated the post. (addition v 1.2)
6. Displays an award winner stamp op award winner posts at the end of the Topic Of The Week/Month contest. (addition v 1.2)
7. Via postbit pop-up, displays link to find all nominations made by a user (addition v 1.2)
8. Via postbit pop-up, allows selected usergroups (e.g. Moderators or SuperModerators) can withdraw all user’s nominees from all posts (addition v 1.2)
9. Automatically create a nomination thread for discussions on nominees
10. Nominated posts titles hot linked in the poll to actual thread/post of the forum. Links displaying on the same page (No. popups) (addition v 1.3)
11. Automatically closes the nomination thread at end of the contest cycle time (weekly/monthly)
12. Quick link to nomination thread via the "Quick Navigation" menu
13. Quick link to award winners page via the "Quick Navigation" menu
14. Automatically update the nomination poll whenever a post is nominated or withdraw from the contest.
15. Option to select the maximum number of topics that must be displayed in the poll (addition v 1.2)
16. Separate looks for postbit and postbit_legacy
17. Places all post nominees in one small box
18. Displays award winners in one small box
19. Quick link to nomination thread via the "small box" on the thread page
20. Option to allow award winners to re-enter the contest after X days
21. Option to take or not into account for nomination only posts made during the month preceding the nomination cycle time (addition v 1.2)
22. Option to consider the maximum number of posts a user can nominate per cycle time (addition v 1.2)
23. Users cannot nominate the same post twice
24. Option to not allow users to nominate their own post
25. Counts nominees submitted by a user
26. Counts how many times a nominee is submitted
27. Shows how many nominees a user submitted in every post of his
28. Shows info in member's profile
29. Option to search for posts nominated by a user
30. Option to search for all nominated posts
31. Administrator can withdraw all nominees of a single post
32. Selected usergroups (e.g. Moderators or SuperModerators) can withdraw all nominees of a single post (addition v 1.10)
33. Users can withdraw their own nominee
34. Option to disable the mod on selected forums
35. Option to disable the mod on all but the first post of a thread
36. Option to disable the mod on all but first post of a thread in specific forums
37. Option to enable/disable view of nomination date on specific or all forums
38. Option to add to post count when someone nominates a post.
39. Option to give reputation points to the user whose post is nominated.
40. Option to ban selected usergroups from using the mod
41. Option to ban selected users from using the mod
42. Option to display user’s nomination statistics on postbit (addition v 1.10)
43. Option not to display nomination statistics on postbit for selected users
44. Option not to display nomination statistics on postbit for selected usergroups (addition v 1.50)
45. Option to display or not the hall of fame link in Quick-Links (addition v 1.3)
46. Option to select forums on which nominations must be considered
47. Hall of fame re-designed to handle a Top 10 award winners, all time accumulated (addition v 1.3)
48. Option to refresh the poll thread if for some reason a post referenced in the poll came to be deleted (addition v 1.3)
49. Option to use the current week number or month, or the next week number or month, in the contest title (addition v 1.3)
50. Option for archiving nominations in the “Nomination Thread” automatically.
51. Option to automatically send a PM to award winners at the end of the contest (addition v 1.4)
52. Option to automatically add points to award winners’ reputation at the end of the contest (addition v 1.4)
53. If the current “Nomination Thread” is deleted for whatever reason, a single manual run of the cron file will suffice to create a new thread, avoiding a clean install of the product.
54. Option to nominate blog entries (addition v 1.6)
55. Option to have award winners or nominated posts icons displayed on posts, so that nominated posts can be easily identified when listing posts.

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