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"Mobile-friendly" is for smaller screens with lower resolutions and lower bandwidth devices that take longer to load pages. With new phones having the same or better resolution than desktops and 20GB download / 10GB upload caps and with 5G technology allowing one million connections per square kilometer instead of one hundred thousand (the limit with 4G technology) the entire point of mobile-first development is naught. Mobile devices can easily load and display full desktop resolutions.

Having said that you'll still get people who complain about how hard it is to read desktop layouts on mobile devices because the number of pixels is irrelevant on small screens when comparing 1080P to 4K. The human eye can't tell the difference. Those people will still have to enlarge the screen but it has nothing to do with "mobile-first" development. Making a layout full screen might help but that's not the same thing.
Thanks very much for explaining in detail...really appreciate it.

This doesn't resolve the issue of Google/Googlebot when it crawls websites...and if the website is considered not mobile-friendly (according to Google)...then these websites will get negative marks for not being mobile-friendly...thus lower SEO scores...thus lower traffic.

My website is on vB4...and I don't like getting "dinged" by Google for it being non-mobile-friendly. I want my websites SEO to be as good as it can be (at least as good as it can be without spending lots of $$$$$). Lol
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