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Originally Posted by mofeu View Post

I suppose i will upload the folder "upload" and rename the folder "core" to "forum"
Am I right?
Vb4 does not have folders " fonts,images ,includes ,js " outside "forum"
No, don't upload the vB5 folders and files yet, just make sure the "copied" vB4 in the new folder /vbtest/ and ensure it's connecting to the newly (copied) database. You can do this by making a test post on the copied site, if you see the same post on the normal vB4 site you have then you made a mistake and need to start over.

Once you know the new /vbtest/ vBulletin 4 is working, then you remove all the contents of the vbtest folder, and upload the vB5 files there. *Why? You can't install vBulletin 5 in a folder with vB4, it needs to be an empty folder. **But guess what? We already tested, and see the site is a copy, and the database we still need to be there, in order to run the vB5 upgrade still exists .

Once you see vB5 running great in the /vbtest/ folder, then you know it will work on the live site, and you can repeat the process there (run backups again just in case).
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