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Originally Posted by blastme View Post
Thanks guys that is what I wanted to know. Since I am not technical when someone says they viewed the code and than says it proves its installed I am not in a position to reply to it. However since that hack is not installed I knew something was up and figured if I came here there would be some explanation that made sense.

What I learned that it is impossible to see that code the way this member said he did so I accept he is a liar

In fact the first time I even heard of that hack is when he said it and came to see it a few days ago.
When and if you link folks to this thread for proof and to debunk the nutter you have lying about you, I leave this note: PaulM works for Internet Brands, the company that owns vBulletin. So what he says is Holy where vBulletin is concerned. He is correct in his assertion no one can view php code using a browser source code reader - that's actually sort of the point of it.

This alone proves beyond any doubt that your stalker/nutter is not only lying, he went to alot of trouble to do it but like all nutters, failed to actually do his homework.