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The PHP code would either be in one of the plugins or the PHP file. Not on a Firefox view-source page. Were it a plugin, it would be in the Admin CP list of plugins. Were it a PHP file, you have to open it in an editor. Again, not in Firefox's, or any other browser's, view source feature.

I'm not sure why he's still going on about this. All anyone would have to do is open up the same page by hitting CTRL+U or go to their options menu to see if he's telling the truth. Then CTRL+F to see if any of those words in the picture are even in the page. This can be done by anybody with a browser and fingers (fingers optional). Screenshot not required.

Because after I learned what I did on this thread I pointed out that the screenshot was faked to give the impression the code was installed and was not an accurate display as proof that the hack was installed and that the person had lied.

Than it came out that the person said he was in the ACP briefly. Some members frequent my site and theirs so been explaining what I learned here. I can imagine some are not sure who to believe. Imagine someone admitting they hacked into my ACP though I am sure its a lie. Than this was posted on my site yesterday ( Below 2 posts ) I believe by the owner of the other site using as alias nick to what he normally uses. That's when I came back here with my latest post. If he was in the ACP which I say is BS than why not take a screenshot there. ? Why not just go back and take one and show your proof that your able to access the ACP if you admit to it. ?

The screenshot XXXXX posted was real as it gets.

Saying "he lied to you" in 50 repetitious posts won't change the fact.

Same old thang. You think if you say something enough with frequent repetition then the members here will believe it through some type of subliminal suggestion?!

XXXXX showed the truth and had nothing to gain from manufacturing false results.

"He didn't lie to you"

That was the whole point of his post.

He WAS in the ACP briefly, but long enough. His post left nothing to the imagination.

Of course it wouldn't mean ++++ squat if he wasn't where he shouldn't have been. That's the whole point of all of this. He found what you didn't think was possible to find.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're outted.