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css additional to show all subforums on activity stream at home page level

Hello all , since the option to set forum depth in vbulletin 4 was removed from vbulletin 5 , what's a straight forward css additional code to make activity stream module "at the home page level" to display all subforums and their latest posts "let's say latest 3 posts " , like somehow "diplay all " + latest 3 posts on each subforum

let us assume that all forums and their subforums are categories except the most child subforum of each forum, that way at the last of each forum tree we will also be able to see the latest posts "let's say latest 3 posts " of that last "most child subforum" of each forum category

cz as it is now , at the home page level , activity stream module would display only maximum of 3 levels more or less and not unless you have maximum 3 levels of subforums under that forum you would no longer see the latest posts of that forum on the home page.

any idea how to remove that limit? , this would be the equivalent of setting forum depth to "0" in vbulletin 4

any thoughts would help

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